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Teacher singled out black students, stepped on them during slavery lesson

03 February 2018

Middle School 118 teacher Patricia Cummings shocked and traumatized children in her social studies classes when she singled out black students and told them to lie on the floor for a lesson on USA slavery - and then stepped on their backs to show them what slavery felt like, students and a staffer said.

"She put her foot on her back and said 'How does it feel?'" one student told the newspaper, " 'See how it feels to be a slave?'".

Students and parents of Bronx Middle School 118 were shocked to discover that social studies teacher Patricia Cummings went to disturbing lengths to teach her class about slavery.

When one girl made a joke and said she felt fine, the teacher reportedly stepped on her back. "You see how it was to be a slave?"

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The teacher's lesson, which she allegedly conducted in several of her history seventh-grade courses almost two weeks ago, was meant to demonstrate what slavery felt like. The school's demographic consists 81 black and Hispanic children alongside 3 percent white kids, according to WPIX.

A Bronx teacher is under investigation after a report found that students were forced to lie on the ground as part of a slavery lesson.

Cummings created this particular lesson to teach students about the Middle Passage, which played a role in slave trade.

"While the investigation has not been completed, these are deeply disturbing allegations, and the alleged behavior has no place in our schools or in society", Toya Holness, a spokeswoman for the Education Department, said the Daily News.

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Cummings, who has worked in city schools for the past two years, and the school's principal did not provide a comment to the Daily News.

Another student explained that the lesson continued with a video in which slaves were beaten, tortured and thrown off of ships.

Cummings's exercise with the students was reportedly supposed to display what little space slaves had aboard slave ships.

Cummings' twitter page has been dormant since September 2017, but her final post consisted of a meme criticizing NFL players who opted to kneel during the national anthem.

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Cummings' ill-conceived lesson isn't the first time a city teacher has grabbed headlines for giving offensive instruction involving slavery.

Teacher singled out black students, stepped on them during slavery lesson