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Main » DJI's new Mavic Air drone leaks a day before the reveal event

DJI's new Mavic Air drone leaks a day before the reveal event

23 January 2018

That docks with a smartphone - the company has DJI GO 4 apps for iOS and Android - and uses its own 2.4/5.8 GHz WiFi to communicate with the Mavic Air. DJI wants us to make an upgrade to a new drone when many buyers have barely had a chance to destroy their old one. Its folding arms and propellers sit flush against its slender aerodynamic frame, making it so compact that its footprint is almost the size of a modern smartphone when folded.

Every aspect of Mavic Air's camera has been designed for maximum performance. Gimbal dampeners are also used, to help keep shots steadier.

Weighs 41% less than Mavic Pro.

In addition to the price, DroneDJ also doesn't know the specifics of the camera sensor (which will determine the quality of the 4K video) or the range of the Mavic Air. Preserving the action in dramatic fast-paced scenes is now possible through its ability to shoot 1080p slow-motion video at 120 fps.

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The Mavic Air comes with 8GB of onboard storage and an microSD card slot. Users can save photos and videos directly to the aircraft, or export files through its USB 3.0Type-C port.

Still, even with the bright consumer friendly coloring (arctic white, onyx black and flame red, ) we could see the Mavic Air appealing to this buyer. Mavic Air also supports multiple panorama modes, creating horizontal, vertical, and 180 degree images.

If it's high-quality video you're after, the QuickShot intelligent video modes are your best friend.

The former starts with a spherical image that zooms in as it descends toward the subject on the ground, while the latter circles the subject in an oval-shaped flight path with the video finishing at the start point.

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The release of the Mavic Air comes just weeks after GoPro announced it would be exiting the drone business. Powered by machine learning technology, SmartCapture is an ultra-responsive control mode that makes shooting photos and videos effortless.

Its styling is somewhere between the DJI Spark and the Mavic Pro, with a slim, mostly rectangular chassis, a camera mounted in front, and four arms for the rotors at each corner. Forward and backward facing cameras can detect obstacles from 20 metres away and help the Mavic Air automatically avoid crashes.

What other new features has Mavic Air got?

It wouldn't last as long as the Pro (certainly not the Platinum edition) with a 21-minute flight time, but it might actually best its higher-end ancestor in a few areas. It can fly stably in windy conditions of up to 22 miles per hour (36 kph) and at high elevations of up to 5,000 meters (16,404 feet) above sea level.

The control sticks on the Mavic Air are detachable and store inside the controller to prevent them from breaking during transportation.

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You can also choose a "Fly More Combo" bundle which includes additional propellers, batteries as well as a battery charging hub, power bank adapter and travel bag. Pre-orders will begin shipping from 28 January.

DJI's new Mavic Air drone leaks a day before the reveal event