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What To Know About The Flu Virus As Season Ramps Up

14 January 2018

How can I tell if it's flu or a cold?

Angela Chalmers, the firm's head pharmacist, said: "We have experienced a significant uplift in demand for flu vaccination appointments across many of our stores in the last week". Flu outbreaks in some major cities around Texas have shut down schools for "flu days" because so many children are sick.

In a report that was published December 18 by Time, it was reported that the current vaccine may not be as effective for H3N2 because public health officials have to guess which strain of influenza will be the most aggressive in the coming flu season. There have been 1,850 reported hospitalizations, 68 percent of which were seniors.

People age 75 years and older and people living in sub-Saharan African countries experienced the highest rates of flu-associated respiratory deaths.

By comparison, in the 2014-15 flu season, the total number of flu-related hospitalizations was 350, 65 of whom were admitted to intensive care.

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"I think one of the biggest reasons we are seeing some of the young people dying is because they're being misdiagnosed", Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News senior managing health editor, said.

"These findings remind us of the seriousness of flu and that flu prevention should really be a global priority", says Joe Bresee, M.D., associate director for global health in CDC's Influenza Division and a study co-author.

According to the data, Callaway County had 52 confirmed cases of influenza A from January 1 to January 12. STAT reporter Helen Branswell called it the "problem child of seasonal flu".

It has the same symptoms as common flu - including a high fever, exhaustion, a chesty cough and a sore throat.

The CDC notes that the particularly virulent substrain H3N2 is dominating the severe cases, and while some cases are being reported in Montana, that's not something they often test for, Allen said. Complications, which may be serious, can include pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear and sinus infections.

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While the 2017/18 flu season has reached widespread populations, data show more people are choosing to get vaccinated ahead of the outbreaks.

The A (H3N2) virus has been dubbed Aussie Flu, as it is the same strain that fuelled the worst flu crisis in Australia for two decades.

"If you are eligible for the flu vaccine, get it now - contact your GP practice to book into a flu clinic". Still, even when the flu vaccine is "less effective", it's a good bet.

Phillips encouraged people to stay home, especially if they have any symptoms, and to refrain from visiting relatives or friends who may be in the hospital if you are showing flu-like symptoms.

Nebraska has had 2,877 cases of influenza this season, 858 just this week. The CDC is calling it an epidemic.

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Officials point out that flu is more unsafe for people with underlying health conditions such diabetes, heart or chest problems.

What To Know About The Flu Virus As Season Ramps Up