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PM Modi will break protocol, to receive Netanyahu at airport

14 January 2018

One of the stages of Mr. Netanyahu's trip, the first in India of an Israeli prime minister since Ariel Sharon's 2003 visit, will be in Mumbai, where he will meet celebrities and executives of the movie industry on January 18.

Netanyahu's first official meeting will be with external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj.

Also, a cancelled defense deal will also be discussed during the visit.

Modi's standalone visit to Israel in July this year celebrated 25 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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Rafael, an Israeli state-owned Rafael weapons and defense maker, announced that India had canceled a 500 million USA dollars worth purchase of its Spike anti-tank guided missile.

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and pressed the importance of maintaining Iran's nuclear accord, the Elysee Palace said on Saturday. He also said in the case of Justice Dalveer Bhandari at the International Court of Justice, Israel not only supported the Indian candidate but it adopted, with four more countries, along with India, Bhandari's candidature. Now, it is learnt that the government is considering buying the missiles through G-to-G route.

Netanyahu will meet with Indian leaders and attend a tribute ceremony to the victims of the bombings in 2008 during which a Jewish center was stormed, killing six people including a rabbi and his wife.

Some irritants in growing ties include the cancellation by India in March of a $500 million anti-tank missile deal with Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

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"The relationship is an all-weather relationship", he told reporters Friday, adding it was "so strong and so important to both countries that our feeling is that nothing can reverse it'". The visiting head of state will be accompanied by a 130-member delegation from various sectors including cyber, agriculture and defence.

India had last month joined 127 other countries to vote in the UNGA in favour of a resolution opposing the recent decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Daniel Carmon, the Israeli ambassador to India, said that the Israeli-India ties would withstand any troubles.

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PM Modi will break protocol, to receive Netanyahu at airport