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Haitian-Americans in South Florida hurt by president's alleged remark

13 January 2018

"The Government of Botswana is wondering why President Trump, must use this descriptor and derogatory word, when talking about countries with whom the U.S. has had cordial and mutually beneficial bilateral relations for so many years", the Botswana government said in a statement condemning his remarks.

Trump specifically denied he ever said "anything derogatory" about the people of Haiti. Dancing around the issue in a series of tweets, he disputed reports that he used those specific words while copping to using "tough" language.

Clinton weighed in Friday afternoon, after Trump had been pummeled in the media for hours over having reportedly inveighed during an Oval Office meeting against immigrants from "s***hole countries" coming into the United States.

Trump had been quoted as saying during a meeting at the White House earlier in the week, "Why do we want all these people from Africa here?"

"The words used by the president, as related to me directly following the meeting by those in attendance, were not 'tough, ' they were abhorrent and repulsive", tweeted Arizona Sen.

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"I can not believe that in the history of the White House, in that Oval Office, any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday", Durbin told reporters on Friday.

President Trump attended a scheduled signing of a proclamation for Martin Luther King Jr.

According to The Washington Post, the group was discussing immigration and visa lottery system when Trump asked why the United States would want immigrants "from all these sh-thole countries" like Haiti and African nations instead of countries like Norway. "I mean, don't get me wrong it might take a few weeks but as soon as the news donkey reaches our village, we'll be so mad". "Haiti has long history with the United States, dating back to the American Revolutionary War, (during which) 500 heroic Haitians volunteered to fight alongside the American troops for America's independence". The White House has not denied the language, nor have the several Republican lawmakers in the meeting.

"First thing that came to my mind was: Very unfortunate, unhelpful", he said.

Another black lawmaker, Cedric Richmond, a Democrat, said the comments were "further proof that his Make America Great Again agenda is really a Make America White Again agenda".

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He also denied demanding that Haitians be removed from negotiations about protected status for people from certain countries.

The ambassador said he doesn't believe Trump's remark reflects the views of the American public and that he has been "bombarded by emails from the American public apologizing" for their president's "regrettable" comment.

The Republican president's comments were decried as racist by African and Haitian politicians, by the United Nations human rights office and by USA lawmakers from both major parties.

Democrats seized on Trump's slur to suggest he is anti-immigrant or worse. "I've not seen one of them that's inaccurate", Durbin said. The Congresswoman said they "worked hard, paid taxes, and rose from nothing to take care of and provide opportunities for their children".

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Haitian-Americans in South Florida hurt by president's alleged remark