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Social media reaction to the Sixers-Celtics game in London

12 January 2018

And while the league commissioner would love to satisfy that appetite, there is still an Atlantic-sized gap between the NBA's desire for overseas expansion and what's actually doable. The 76ers enter this contest with a 5-5 record in their last 10 games and a 9-9 mark at home.

"We're considering bringing additional games to Europe", Silver said ahead of Thursday's game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers at the O2 Arena. "We've had lots of discussions with the Premier League to discuss the ways they do things differently to see what we can learn". The demand is there and the interest is there.

On the opposite end at the O2 Arena are another pair of budding young stars who are helping the Sixers emerge from the grim years of "The Process" for the better. And the interest in this latest edition was sky-high. His coach Brett Brown said: "I think he's been a great teammate, his work rate is fantastic and continues to improve as he invests time in it".

The now-defunct Sports Café in Piccadilly would sporadically show big National Basketball Association games in those days, often via overseas satellite channels.

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"We would love to do it", was Silver's universal answer - before outlining the scheduling difficulties that are now hampering any such plans. It's the Celtics' second game in London with a preseason exhibition game against the Timberwolves in 2007.

"That would be unbelievable", said Simmons, who's now just under 50,000 votes off a starting place.

The Celtics are the top team in the east, and are just one loss behind the top seeded Golden State Warriors.

"When you build some buffer around this game in the middle of the season, it requires compressing the schedule in other parts of the season". "This game, as you all know, sold out in less than an hour, and the reason it even took 52 minutes was the limitation of technology in terms of how fast people could enter their credit cards and buy the tickets". That is about the dumbest argument when it comes to this season that I could possibly hear.

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Embiid was 4 of 16 from the floor when the teams met in October and shot 35.3 percent this time, but 10 rebounds and five assists meant he finished with a double-double.

Up until this season, the Sixers were one of those teams that nobody really paid much attention to, and rightfully so when looking at all of the years spent rebuilding through tanking to earn higher draft picks. He never changes. That's a real good quality. Boston has allowed just 85.7 points per game over its last three games, solidifying its position as the best defensive team in the National Basketball Association allowing a league-low 97.6 points per game.

"I feel like they're going to enjoy seeing every last one of the Celtics players", he said.

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Social media reaction to the Sixers-Celtics game in London