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Nigerians React As Benue Govt Buries Attack Victims

12 January 2018

At a press conference in Abuja yesterday‎, the MBCG, through its Convener, Prince Raymond Enero, and Deputy Convener, Dr. Paul Itodo, sympathised with the people of Benue state over the killings.

Unongo stressed that the entire people of the state were watching President Buhari and had joined in the persistence calls by Ortom that the Federal Government should take drastic steps to urgently address the killings and also arrest the leader of Miyetti Allah Kautal Houre.

The state government held a mass burial for the victims with many gathered to witness the sad occasion.

"If the Federal Government can not stop or arrest those behind the killings; in two weeks, we shall raise an army of our own".

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He said that his comments were not made to undermine the pains of the people, rather help engender the sense of unity among Nigerians, inspite of the nationwide insecurity.

He said the people of the state who fought in the civil war to sustain the unity of Nigeria, would not continue to allow invaders to kill and maim their people if the Federal Government failed to protect them. "Aside the global odium it will pour on the country, the current crop of federal officials may find themselves as guests at The Hague since there is all possibility that any indifference would equal an active support for the crimes being committed by officials of the second tier of government; there is the additional risk that the militias being armed by these governors would one day take on federal law enforcement personnel", he warned.

"Lawrence Onoja, former military governor of Katsina state, described the attacks" a conspiracy against the indigenes" and said it would be resisted.

"The youths he (Ortom) misled with the uniform of Livestock Guards, after signing the law, brazenly went on an extortion spree against herders while not a few of them appropriated the said law to engage in cattle rustling", the President said. This is because we want to abide by the law.

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The anger and anguish which heralded the burial of 73 persons killed by herdsmen and the renewed scarcity of petrol dominate the headlines of Nigerian newspapers on Friday.The Sun newspaper said that people from all walks of life and across political and age divide were, on Thursday united in their grief as remains of the 73 persons killed by herdsmen on January 1 were given mass burial in Makurdi, the Benue State capital. We pray for the repose if the innocent souls.

The group also demanded that the federal government orders a full investigation into the activities of Benue State Sponsored Civillian Joint Task Force (CJTF) identified to be in the middle of recent crisis between herdsmen and Farmers in Benue State.

"Benue state must similarly be placed under emergency rule since its governor has not only confirmed his lack of capacity to arrest the situation but has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a core part of the problem", Salawu said.

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Nigerians React As Benue Govt Buries Attack Victims