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NHS: Patients 'dying prematurely' in corridors, A&E bosses warn May

12 January 2018

It reads, the "current level of safety compromise is at times intolerable, despite the best efforts of staff".

New national figures released today (Thursday, January 11) showed that the percentage of patients being treated at A&E inside four hours has reached a record low.

But hospital staff who "deliver little miracles every day" have been praised for their work in the face of winter pressures.

"This increase, along with the acuity of the patients seen and the subsequent length of stay in the hospital for those patients, is having a clear impact on our ability to meet the A&E 4 hour standard along with the high numbers of patients waiting to be discharged, which is a whole system responsibility".

"Some of our own personal experiences range from over 120 patients a day managed in corridors, some dying prematurely".

The Government has a set-target hospital trusts to admit 95 per cent of patients within four hours.

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The Department of Health and Social Care in England said there was a "great deal of pressure" on A&E departments, but added that plans were in place to improve social care to free up hospital places as well as for the biggest expansion in doctor training places in the history of the NHS.

Ambulances waited between 30 and 60 minutes 277 times - accounting for 12 per cent of all emergency vehicles sent to the hospital - while a further 134 were delayed by more than an hour.

"The NHS today has launched their national flu programme and I would encourage people to act on the advice that the NHS is giving and also encourage NHS staff who haven't had the flu vaccine yet to have that vaccine". "FOUR. Including a middle aged couple holding the hand of a very frail and elderly lady in the bed".

When she arrived, she said she had to wait in a queue for four hours before doctors could see her. "I, and millions of others, are with you".

Latest figures show hospitalisations because of flu nearly tripled the previous week, with new figures due to be published later today.

"In particular, it was an extremely challenging and demanding New Year weekend, with huge pressure in our A&E department and on our bed capacity".

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"She can't hide behind the NHS in England or even in Wales, and she can't hide behind just blandly thanking NHS staff over and over again", he said.

At Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs Walsall Manor, 7,832 patients, out of 10,123, were seen in four hours - 77.4 per cent, compared to 82 per cent in November and 79 per cent in December 2016. "Our performance, inclusive of all relevant emergency areas, is 81pc, one of the best performing Trusts in the country". They add that this is not a report from "outliers" but most of the hospitals and trusts are facing the same problem.

A&E remains closed overnight but wards have been reconfigured to try to increase the number of beds available.

"Sickness is hitting everyone but they have been exceptional and I can not praise them enough".

Patients are being urged not to use A&E unless it is a genuine emergency.

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NHS: Patients 'dying prematurely' in corridors, A&E bosses warn May