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Intel sets world record by flying 100 mini drones for light show

12 January 2018

The Verge was one of the first to report that Intel's new drones have a pretty interesting new talent. Today at its CES keynote, the company introduced a new version of those drones, called "Shooting Star Mini".

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The show marked the opening of the world's biggest tech conference, featuring the same drone lights used in last year's Super Bowl half-time show featuring Lady Gaga. Firstly, these drones are smaller than the original Shooting Star model, and secondly, this was all done indoors. They can also locate themselves in space without the need of Global Positioning System. The song they danced to was Kygo's "Stargazing," of course.

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At CES 2018, Intel set a world record for flying more than 100 drones using a single computer.

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The new Intel Indoor Location System powering the Intel Shooting Star Mini drones expands Intel's possibilities for entertainment by allowing the drones to maintain position and navigate indoors without GPS to create handsome drone light shows. The drones can create more than 4 billion color combinations and dazzling visual effects. Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel said, "This is not the type of drone you can buy in the store". Even if you think that you can use these little drones as in-house drone toy, but that's not what Intel intends for them. While not available for consumers, the system, designed specifically for light shows, appears to be expanding to more venues. The previous record was 100 drones, which was also set by Intel. In the sky, they're geofenced into place (to prevent them roaming down the strip) and controlled by a single pilot.

Intel sets world record by flying 100 mini drones for light show