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Indian origin man in United States faces deportation for reportedly cheating authorities

12 January 2018

He dodged a subsequent court hearing and was ordered to be deported in January 1992. Singh naturalized under the name Baljinder Singh on July 28, 2006.

DHS has warned that "as long as the older fingerprint records have not been digitized and included in the repositories, USCIS risks making naturalization decisions without complete information and, as a result, naturalizing additional individuals who may be ineligible for citizenship or who may be trying to obtain USA citizenship fraudulently".

A New Jersey man has been stripped of his USA citizenship after a federal judge ruled that he had failed to disclose a previous deportation order on his naturalization application.

The proceedings against Singh were part of Operation Janus, which is a programme of the US Department of Homeland Security against fraudulent immigration.

The Operation Janus has identified almost 3,15,000 cases where the fingerprints of the individuals are missing from the database, as per US Department of Homeland Security.

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The United States Department of Justice has revoked an Indian citizen of his American citizenship under Operation Janus, a government initiative to crack down on illegal immigration.

"The defendant exploited our immigration system and unlawfully secured the ultimate immigration benefit of naturalization, which undermines both the nation's security and our lawful immigration system, " Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad Readler of the Justice Department's Civil Division said Tuesday in a statement announcing the judge's ruling. The move potentially makes him subject to deportation.

Meanwhile, the next month, Singh allegedly filed a request for asylum under a different name - Baljinder Singh.

Reportedly, the first Indian to face such an action, the authorities believe that the former Indian citizen Baljinder Singh alias Davinder Singh entered United States by marrying a USA citizen and then later, acquired American citizenship through fraudulent means.

Under U.S. law, naturalization can be revoked only if it was obtained fraudulently.

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In 2006, he finally became a naturalised citizen in 2006 after he married an American woman.

The Department of Justice, which moved a petition in this regard before a United States court last September, said that Singh in his citizenship application concealed prior orders of exclusion and his deportation under different identities than the identity under which they naturalised. Singh has been residing in Carteret, New Jersey. When he entered the city of San Francisco, he gave his name as Davinder Singh.

The report concluded that the fingerprints were a match and belonged to the same person, a finding whose scientific credibility Singh did not challenge, according to the judge's ruling.

Singh is now considered a lawful permanent resident and can be deported at the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security.

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Indian origin man in United States faces deportation for reportedly cheating authorities