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In wake of Iran protests, should Canada reopen embassy in Tehran?

12 January 2018

The current protests - which began in Iran's second-largest city of Mashhad and quickly spread across the country - were motivated by rising prices, economic ruin, widespread corruption and resentment toward the regime. He further stated that the government is mismanaged and that it was not from a lack of economic sources.

Exchanging views on the developments in the regional states including Syria and Iraq was also high on the agenda of the meeting.

"We now see that Iranians are willing to take profound risks to challenge the regime directly in a way we have not seen in years", Maloney said.

President Donald Trump has been persistently vocal about his support for the Iranian people in their bid for democracy.

Chanting in unison in Farsi and English, the protesters referred to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and a Shiite militant group as they waved signs and flags and shouted, "Death to Khamenei!"

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The anti-government protests sought to "cause harm to the Islamic system" in the country, he said. Violence that broke out at several protests killed 22 people after unrest spilled into more than 80 cities across Iran. He also will face deadlines as early as January 12 to decide whether to continue temporary waivers of USA sanctions on Iran, which must be put for consideration for renewal every 120 days, Politico has reported.

Dahimi said that there are four juveniles among the detainees, stressing the wave of protests across the country had not stopped.

At least a part of this seems to have been spurred by a new openness from Iranian millennials, who hardly keep their wealth a secret, especially in the age of social media.

The cabinet also agreed to approve the bill aimed at encouraging and supporting mutual investment between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the government of the Czech Republic and submit it to the Iran's Parliament.

"It's not just the conservatives who are constantly claiming the protests are illegal but also some reformists as well", she told CHRI, adding that the people's right to peaceful freedom of assembly is guaranteed in Iran's Constitution.

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Iranian officials say the majority of those arrested have now been released, with only "instigators" facing trial.

"Canada is deeply, deeply troubled by the oppression that protesters have been facing in Iran", Alghabra tells Tremonti. This is the first time in eight years, since the protests against alleged electoral fraud in 2009, that Iran is once again witnessing such unrest. "However, I do not think the feeling of dissent toward the regime and level of disgust for the political and economic situation has gone away".

The third is the Trump administration, which had in the past shown no interest in democratic change in the region, instead devoting its energy to annulling the nuclear agreement with Iran and repositioning itself in the Middle East after successive USA withdrawals since its defeat in Iraq.

"Even if there are no more protests [right now], it will explode one day", Hadi said. "We in Iran are prepared for any scenario".

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In wake of Iran protests, should Canada reopen embassy in Tehran?