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Fox Bumps Up Deadpool Sequel, Moves Back New Mutants to 2019

12 January 2018

That being said, Miller is now prepping his Terminator reboot with James Cameron, and presumably once he's finished with that, Disney and Marvel Studios will have made their decision as to how they plan to handle the X-Men moving forward. That being said, Fox's X-Men franchise would benefit greatly from a Kitty Pryde film.

The news that Fox is making a Kitty Pryde solo movie has seemingly come out of nowhere, but the character's long comic history is actually packed full of stories that would be flawless for the big screen.

20th Century Fox has chose to shuffle around its comic book movies this year and this includes the release dates of Deadpool 2 and New Mutants.

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But don't worry too much if you're looking forward to Deadpool 2: It has actually moved up two weeks, from June 1, 2018, to May 18. Whilst Gambit has moved from February 14 2019 to June 7 2019.

What are the reasons for these delays exactly? And Gambit's director recently left the project, again, leaving the film on the search for a new one, and potentially needing a bit more time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox executives were concerned that the release of Deadpool 2 and New Mutants would overlap in some countries and would only confuse global audiences. The good news is that it sounds like this will still be the case as and the movie will definitely be the full-blown horror that they want it to be, fans will just have to wait a while longer for it. Its director, Gore Verbinski, just bowed out of the project and the studio is now searching for a replacement. Of course, Verbinski is just the latest director to leave the project stranded, following Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman in 2015 and 2016, respectively, so this doesn't necessarily reflect that poorly on him. As such, it seems increasingly likely that any Kitty Pryde film would have to come out under the new owners, possibly bringing the mutant into the main Marvel continuity.

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Now, last we heard, the Gambit script was being rewritten to make it "more New Orleans".

Moving New Mutants into 2019 also reduces the number of X-Men properties released this year from three to two (Deadpool and X-Men: Dark Phoenix).

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Fox Bumps Up Deadpool Sequel, Moves Back New Mutants to 2019