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Connected auto solutions one result of Samsung's HARMAN acquisition

12 January 2018

Samsung bought Harman in an $8 billion deal that closed in March 2017, the biggest overseas acquisition ever by a South Korean company. Many companies offer hardware and software autonomous driving platforms that force the end-user to adopt a particular technology as an all-or-nothing package. Samsung is positioning the platform for OEMs and mobility as a service provider. "Through the DRVLINE platform, we're inviting the best and brightest from the automotive industry to join us, and help shape the future of the vehicle of tomorrow, today".

The automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the technology market, with carmakers looking to add more autonomous features as the race to put driverless cars on the road heats up.

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The DRVLINE platform has been created to allow vendors to collaborate and customize the software.

The DRVLINE™ platform goes on to incorporate the best components and technology, which will go on to leverage Samsung's global expertise in electronics, IoT and embedded systems, which goes on to include in-car compute for Levels 3,4 and 5 automation.

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And to bring everything together Samsung and Harman are spearheading a new 5G-capable telematics system for cars, capable of giving 1Gbps connectivity to all the instruments of your auto. And the fact it set up a strategic business unit for autonomous and advanced driver assistance technologies, along with a $300 million fund for investing in automotive startups and technology, shows just how serious it is about this burgeoning sector. With help from its new owner, Samsung, the company is going beyond audio and has unveiled its new Digital Cockpit platform at CES, a flexible and scalable multi-display interior made for a connected lifestyle.

"In a auto, the human brain is constantly performing incredibly complex calculations while driving", said John Absmeier, SVP of Autonomous/ADAS Strategic Business Unit at HARMAN and VP of Smart Machines for Samsung Electronics. "The DRVLINE platform with its open and high-level compute capability is a first major first step toward building an ecosystem to support full autonomy". How long until the yellow light turns red?

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In addition to the new TCU, Samsung provided a brief refresher on its Intelligent Digital Cockpit platform, discussed at last year's CES. At the heart of the announcement is a trio of connected technologies for automotive, consumer, and enterprise markets.

Connected auto solutions one result of Samsung's HARMAN acquisition