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CES 2018: Blackout in Vegas

12 January 2018

Public service announcements played over an intercom thanking attendees for their patience while the work to resolve the issue continued.

LG Electronics used the power cut to promote its OLED TV by saying, "Even without power, #CES2018 still can't match the ideal black of an #LGOLEDTV".

In a statement, CES organiser, the Consumer Technology Association, blamed the outage on recent heavy rainfall which caused condensation on the venue's roof to short circuit one of the facility's transformers. Power was restored to the convention center after two hours.

An autonomous Mercedes Benz Smart Vision EQ concept car with no steering wheels or pedals is displayed at CES in Las Vegas Nevada yesterday. – AFP pic
CES 2018: Blackout in Vegas

A company with a smart sleep device called Aromarest began an email pitch by saying, "Having the lights go out, as they did today at CES, is one way to get some sleep".

Despite being a convention dedicated to incredible (and sometimes very bizarre) upcoming technology, the Consumer Electronics Show is subject to power loss like anything else. Intel had a tongue-in-cheek announcement for a product called "Blackout".

Regardless of the difficulties that the annual convention seems to be facing this year, companies and tech giants continue to be thrilled with the overall theme, with smart lights and speakers soaring to popularity.

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TV maker LG's OLED Canyon display demo, with 246 OLED panels and more than 30 high-definition generators, took almost an hour to get back in full operation.

Someone is having a bad day!

This year, the event officially ends on Friday January 12th, but experts already know their favorites and which products are the most promising.

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Whoa, I'm in a hotel on the other side of town from the LVCC and our power just flickered too. The blackout has impacted the convention center's North Hall, as well, leaving only the South Hall fully operational.

Others had humorous takes, with Intel's account calling it the "the biggest thing to hit CES since 5G".

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CES 2018: Blackout in Vegas