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Capcom explains "extra work" behind Monster Hunter World PC delay

12 January 2018

"Even in a co-op game where it's not pay-to-win, because we're all on the same team, it's like you didn't earn that or you've got it and don't know how to use it", Tsujimoto added.

Monster Hunter: World is just a mere couple of weeks from finally releasing, and one thing that players can look forward, aside from glorious monster hunting, is not having their experience spoiled by microtransactions.

World will be out in Autumn 2018. This will happen until the console version is completely ready and essentially "out the door". However, the PC version was delayed significantly without any explanation, which is definitely frustrating for players gaming on a PC.

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Taking all of this into account, it looks as if Monster Hunter World's development team has carefully considered the arguments for and against microtransaction systems, and wound up erring on the side of players who are simply exhausted of the practice.

For the main Monster Hunter game, this is our first PC title and it's something we want to make sure we get right.

Tsujimoto explains that rather than diversifying the development resources between the console release and the PC port, the company has decided that it will instead focus their attention on one project at a time. He wants players to enjoy failure and put some real effort like a true gamer would in Monster Hunter: World.

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With many newcomers to the series soon to be joining the online servers, a group of Monster Hunter veterans have created a support group called Adopt-a-Hunter. Fortunately, the developers did not leave the PC community in the dark.

Apparently of major concern to the development team was launching the best possible product that they could. We'll have some Monster Hunter: World videos and other content coming soon.

Monster Hunter: World is slated to hit retailers on January 26,2018 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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