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Baltimore Hospital 'Takes Responsibility' For Woman Left Outside In Cold

12 January 2018

The hospital's security guards had just wheeled a patient to a bus stop, and in the freezing temperatures they left her there. Baraka asked the woman on the viral video before she stumbled, "Why don't you go and sit down ma'am, you don't look well...this is disgusting, that they would just leave her unattended on a bus stop.half naked", he said into the camera.

The unidentified woman appeared to be unable to speak in the video that made national and global headlines and was widely shared on social media.

The bystander called an ambulance, which picked up the woman.

A hospital spokeswoman verified the authenticity of the video and said it was filmed Tuesday.

Hospital officials said they are taking the matter very seriously and are evaluating the appropriate response.

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WBAL-TV 11 News spoke with the woman's mother, who said her daughter is 22 years old and has a history of mental illness.

"Wait, so y'all just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes on", Baraka, described on a professional website as a counselor, says in the video to the people.

In a news conference Thursday, the center's CEO apologized to the patient and her family, and said that the incident was a "breakdown of basic human compassion".

"This unfortunate event is not representative of our patient-centered mission", a statement released by the hospital system noted.

It is not immediately clear if the woman in the video is homeless or uninsured.

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The woman had no undergarments and was wearing only hospital-issued socks and a gown open in the back. She is seen shivering, and screaming, as Baraka tries to calm her down.

To that, one of the men replied, "due to the circumstances of what happened... Are you okay? Do you need me to call the police?" "I had no choice but to give this young lady a voice in this moment". He also asks to speak to a supervisor.

Baraka addresses the group several times, asking why the woman is being left outside. She screams and moves her hands around but doesn't talk.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, set off an avalanche of online fury and disbelief as people called out the hospital staff for their uncaring, heartless attitude toward patients.

Shocked, Baraka began filming the scene unfolding outside the University of Maryland Medical Center - Midtown Campus. " 'UMMC will be known for providing high value and compassionate care, improving health in Maryland and beyond, educating future health care leaders and discovering innovative ways to advance medicine worldwide.' You can do better".

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Saying she didn't have any more information, Warmkessel said, "There's not a lot I can tell you". 'You can do better.

Baltimore Hospital 'Takes Responsibility' For Woman Left Outside In Cold