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Total War: Three Kingdoms takes the strategy series to China

10 January 2018

The new series itself is set in China during the year 190 CE.

A lot of gamers have been asking for more historical games based around cultures and regions that have not been covered by the Total War franchise.

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Total War: Three Kingdoms is the first full historical Total War game we've seen in a few years, marking a fresh step after both the fantastical Warhammer games and the smaller Saga titles. Now, with the cat out of the bag and Three Empires on track for launch later in 2018, it looks as if Total War devotees and turn-based strategy diehards will have plenty to keep them busy this year. Alongside the core historical-based games, the Total War series has expanded to include free-to-play mobile (Total War Battles™: KINGDOM) and PC titles (Total War™: ARENA), now in development.

The game will be set in 190CE, and will focus on the heroes of the period as they fight to unite China under a single banner. As such, the developers chose to just go ahead and release the trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms. It is a brutal and oppressive regime, and as Dong Zhuo's power grows, the empire slips further into the cauldron of anarchy. He is but a figurehead; a mere puppet for the tyrant warlord Dong Zhuo.

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Three heroes, sworn to brotherhood in the face of tyranny, rally support for the trials ahead.

If you're still down for fantasy battles, check out our guide to the Tomb Kings in Total War: Warhammer II. Will they triumph against the tyrant, or will personal ambition shatter their already crumbling alliance and drive them to supremacy?

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Some Chinese fans are just happy that Creative Assembly is paying mind to Chinese culture, especially given that it's the largest and most lucrative video game market in the world right now.

Total War: Three Kingdoms takes the strategy series to China