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LG 65-Inch UHD Rollable OLED, 88-Inch 8K OLED Display Showcased

10 January 2018

The TV is "a milestone for the 8K era and underscores the exciting potential of OLED", In-Byung Kang, the LG Display chief technical officer said in a recital.

As the tech world heads to Vegas for CES, LG Display today teased another gadget it will show off on the show floor: a 65-inch OLED TV you can roll up and store elsewhere when not in use.

If you have bought yourself a brand new 4K TV you might regret that by now and we will highly recommend you to stop reading this article forthwith. This can be a problem for OLED screens as, unlike LCD displays which have own backlight, the light for an OLED screen is created by the pixels themselves - which, in the case of an 8K display, are tiny. Keep doing what you do, LG.

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In slightly more unusual territory, LG showed off its concept robots for assisting in airports and hotels, but suffered an embarrassing set back when its CLOi bot refused to answer questions live on stage. Jabra announced some new wireless earbuds with five hours of battery life and inbuilt-Alexa, JLa Audio revealed the third generation of its Epic Sport earbuds, and Sennheiser unveiled the HD 820 over-ear headphones, featuring ear cups with an exposed back in an attempt at clearer, purer audio. It is worth adding that this is not the company's first rollable TV in the market.

The paper-thin product was announced by the Korean giant ahead of the CES technology show in 2016, with claims the technology could one day be used on smartphones or in-car screens that curve around a vehicle's interior.

Ranking in at a world's first 88 inches television. There is no word on the pricing and availability of The Wall by Samsung.

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Users can control other connected devices at home from the 29-inch screen of LG's InstaView ThinQ refrigerator, built on the lines of Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.

LG says this 65-inch UHD rollable OLED display "highlights the distinctive technological edges and unlimited potential of OLEDs".

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LG 65-Inch UHD Rollable OLED, 88-Inch 8K OLED Display Showcased