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Here's nearly an Hour of Paladins: Battlegrounds Gameplay Footage

10 January 2018

The objective is to keep participants in Paladins: Battlegrounds actively engaged in combat and willing to duke it out until there's a single victor left.

Paladins: Battlegrounds is yet another battle royale title entering the fight for video game world domination. And that's not easy with 100 players all fighting to win. Though some may notice a lot of similarities between Paladins: Battlegrounds and other games on the market, the game mode makes a name for themselves with a host of different mechanics and an entirely different team-oriented strategy. This leads to the question why PUBG would call their game a "battleground" if it looks and feels more like a battle royale than an MMO.

Hi-Rez Studios' Paladins has managed to become a smash hit in its own right as a free-to-play, first-person shooter. But he goes on to say that "we chose to keep champion abilities, keep team-play, keep items rather than weapons", and that those are "all Paladins features".

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Do you like these kinds of games in regards to esports?

This isn't the first time that Hi-Rez Studios was accused of copying another game.

The company's cofounder and chief operating officer Todd Harris stepped in to clear things up at the time, similar to what Chisam did regarding the "battlegrounds" dispute.

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However, the developers of PUBG have been known to defend their territory in the past, taking issue with Fortnite borrowing too heavily from their gameplay.

The news about the mode spread rather quickly, where Hi-Rez announced that this would be the first-ever Battle Royale hero-shooter.

Now it should also be noted that PUBG Corporation had a tussle with Fortnite developer Epic Games over Fortnite: Battle Royale before because of how the latter used PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to promote its game without getting a go-ahead to do so. Maybe a year from now we will see an "Overwatch: Battlegrounds" and have the discussion of whether they are stealing from Paladins.

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Paladins: Battlegrounds will be free-to-play for all players sometime in 2018, while its hero shooter counterpart Paladins: Champions of the Realm is now free-to-play in beta on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Here's nearly an Hour of Paladins: Battlegrounds Gameplay Footage