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Game Boy is respawning thanks to Hyperkin

10 January 2018

Now codenamed the Ultra Game Boy, the new version of the famous portable is being made by Hyperkin and features mod-cons such as a backlit screen and an aluminium housing.

Based on reports from CES 2018, the Ultra Game Boy will function more or less like a classic Game Boy. The volume and contrast dials that appeared on the original will also feature here, but they'll be joined by a third dial that'll be used to adjust the new backlit LCD display. The company, if you recall, developed a Game Boy-like mobile accessory for Android smartphones after an April Fools' Day gag in 2015 generated far more attention than the company could have hoped for.

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While it remains unclear whether Nintendo will release a Game Boy Classic Edition this year similar to the insanely popular NES and SNES models, Hyperkin has chose to take matters into their own hands.

According to Gizmodo, the Ultra Game Boy will be a handheld console that will be able to play original Game Boy cartridges, but with some improvements.

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It has an aluminium body, a backlit LCD, 6 hour battery life, USB C charging, stereo speakers and it's aiming to be sold at less than $100 United States dollars. There's a USB-C port for charging, stereo speakers, as well as left and right audio-out connections. And unfortunately, it doesn't come with any pre-installed games. We'll probably see the name change before launch, and who knows what changes Hyperkin will make to the device while it remains in development.

Hyperkin wants to have this product on shelves by the end of summer, with a price point south of $100. Would you buy something like this, or are you going to hold out and wait for Nintendo to announce the Game Boy Classic instead?

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For starters, the Ultra Game Boy comes with a built-in backlight, something we didn't get in the original Game Boy line until the Game Boy Advance SP.

Game Boy is respawning thanks to Hyperkin