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Get a bad Christmas gift? Experts offer holiday gift return tips

27 December 2017

Help is here if you had some gifts go wrong this Christmas.

According to the National Retail Federation, almost two-thirds of shoppers returned an item previous year.

Nordstrom doesn't really have a return policy.

And that's okay, people can't always get it right. Places like Best Buy and Sears have restocking fees.

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If you have a return, check the store's website so you understand the policy ahead of time.

The Dunmore woman offered tips to avoid any shopping stress when making those exchanges.

Bring a receipt. Having the receipt will make the exchange much less stressful, they said. Items bought with other credit cards or after the 12-month time frame will get you a store credit or a corporate-issued refund. No receipts are required, no time limits, no original tags needed, except for special-occasion dresses.The following retailers have less liberal return policies, most often requiring a receipt and affixing a shorter time limit, according to Consumer Reports:Apple Store. You'll get a confirmation email, and the gift card credit will be added to your account.

Online stores may not refund shipping fees. One exception to returns: Premium electronics must be returned within 30 days in original packaging, though if purchased through December 25, you have until January 31 to return.Nordstrom.

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Finally, if you have a gift that you just don't know where it's from, you might be in luck if it has a barcode.

Don't open the box. Do you need to have the gift receipt? Some merchants charge a restocking fee for returns of electronics products or large-ticket items. This usually only applies to big-ticket items like electronics or appliances - and only if they've been opened. It's time to think: holiday returns! Close to 40-percent of people who are doing their post-holiday returns will do it either today or tomorrow.

Try to go early, when the store has just opened and it's not busy yet. Most require at least a gift receipt. With a gift receipt, you can only exchange or get store credit.

Amazon's return policy is a little tricky because it is primarily a market for third-party sellers.

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Get a bad Christmas gift? Experts offer holiday gift return tips