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NVIDIA introduces its most powerful GPU - Titan V

08 December 2017

According to the company, the TITAN V's redesigned Tensor Cores, which feature independent parallel integer and floating-point data paths, help to fuel a whopping 9x uplift in raw horsepower compared to the TITAN Xp, coming in at a dizzying 110 TFLOPs for Deep Learning workloads.

But at almost $3,000 it is really aimed at developers, researchers and companies that wish to create and power AI systems that tap into the parallel processing capabilities of GPU, helping them crunch through massive amounts of data more efficiently than central processing units would.

Officially the Titan V is considered a consumer-grade GPU, and indeed Nvidia's first HBM2-equipped "consumer" graphics offering, but obviously it isn't aimed at your typical PC user (if anything will give you a clue about that, it's the three grand price tag).

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Design-wise, the Titan V graphics card seem to come with the same cooler shroud and cooling system as the Titan Xp. The GPU die has been built on the 12 nm FinFET+ process by TSMC.

In the previous news-item, we talked about the Titan Volta graphics card. Power efficiency has reportedly been drastically improved with Volta as well; NVIDIA is claiming big performance gains, within the same power envelope as Pascal.

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang said in a statement -"Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI. I can't wait to see their breakthrough discoveries", he added.

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"As an NVIDIA Inception partner, we trust NVIDIA to deliver innovative solutions to the AI market". The Titan V is available today and has been designed not for gamers but for researchers and data scientists who want to use machine learning applications. NGC provides customers with software containers that include optimized versions of popular machine learning development frameworks that are supposed to provide an even more optimized environment for developing AI.

The Nvidia store shows the new bridge at 599 USD a piece, in the store, it's the one right next to the 30 USD HB-SLI bridge.

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NVIDIA introduces its most powerful GPU - Titan V