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Rupert Murdoch's $30M Bel-Air vineyard is a fireball right now

07 December 2017

The dramatic Skirball fire, which erupted in Los Angeles early Wednesday, may have reached Rupert Murdoch's Bel-Air estate and has threatened other multimillion estates in nearby neighborhoods whose star residents include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"The Bel Air fire of '61 had a similar footprint. we lost over 500 homes in that fire".

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"We believe the winery and house are still intact". Later, the Los Angeles Times reported that the fire had grown near Murdoch's estate, but had not burned the property's buildings or vineyard.

Video from a local NBC New report Wednesday showed flames at the 21st Century Fox mogul's home. Murdoch then bought the property in 2013 for $28.8 million.

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The Skirball Fire in the area south of scenic Mulholland Drive and north of Sunset Boulevard is just one of several major out-of-control brush fires that have sprung up in Southern California since Monday, when Santa Ana wind conditions set in.

Los Angeles is being scorched at the moment thanks to some fairly unprecedented wildfires that are now overrunning some of the wealthier, more-celebrity filled areas of the city, forcing mass evacuations. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency.

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US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday his thoughts and prayers were with everyone in the path of the wildfires. THANK YOU to all First Responders for your incredible work! That fire has already claimed 150 structures but the incident commander, Todd Derum, told the Associated Press that he thinks hundreds of homes have likely been destroyed.

Rupert Murdoch's $30M Bel-Air vineyard is a fireball right now