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Tracee Ellis Ross reads her book for 'Handsy' men

06 December 2017

Tracee Ellis Ross was the guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night and she made a decision to address the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal.

For all the men out there who may not comprehend the magnitude of the recent wave of sexual harassment allegations, does Tracee Ellis Ross have a message for you.

"Over the past few months, yes, the past few months, countless courageous women have come forward to share their experiences", Ross said, adding, " seems a bit confusing for a lot of men out there.

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The black-ish actress wrote a children's book titled "The Handsy Man", which gives men guidelines on how they should be behaving in the workplace.

So she chose to explain the issues surrounding harassment and consent with a Dr. Seuss-esque rhyming book. If you're a woman, you're not a fan. As Ross describes him, the Handsy Man has "10 long fingers, creepy glares, and hugs that linger".

You may not compliment by butt. "You may not call me "ho" or "slut", she read. (I know, life is so hard!) If Louis C.K. can't masturbate in front of women, I mean, I guess I'm not allowed to shake someone's hand anymore without being accused of assault?

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She wraps it up with the simple lesson: "If she does not consent, the answer is: No!"

Ross added that the book was "part one" of a "67-part series".

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Tracee Ellis Ross reads her book for 'Handsy' men