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Korea unite in rejecting 'unilateral & arbitrary' U.S. pressure

25 November 2017

The decision opens the door for the impose additional sanctions on Pyongyang amid escalating tensions over the nation's nuclear weapons and missile programs.

Both diplomats rejected unilateral and arbitrary certifications and lists concocted by the US government that serve as the basis for the application of coercive measures contrary to worldwide law.

The ministers, meeting in Havana, called for "respect for peoples' sovereignty" and "the peaceful settlement of disputes", according to a statement released by the Cuban foreign ministry.

Meanwhile, in Cuba's case, the Trump administration announced changes in policy towards to roll back former president Barack Obama's dip0lomatic relations, Bloomberg reported.

Korea unite in rejecting 'unilateral & arbitrary' U.S. pressure

Both foreign ministers expressed their "unwavering will to cement and improve" ties between Pyongyang and Havana.

Regarding the situation in the Korean Peninsula, they expressed their concern over the escalation of tensions and the increased military activity in the area.

Chinese publication Xinhua reported that Rodriguez also rejected the inclusion of North Korea in the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism only two days ago by the Trump administration.

The visitor was accompanied by Pak Chang Yul, ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Havana; Pak Yong Su, Director of the Department of Diplomatic Documents; and Ri Il Gyu, Deputy Director of the Asia, Africa and Latin America Division at the Foreign Ministry.

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While relations between Cuba and the USA improved under Obama, Havana has come under increasing pressure since the inauguration of Donald Trump in January.

"The reason is that both countries (the DPRK and Cuba) are constructing socialism under the cruel pressures and blockade by the imperialists". Last year, trade with the latter was $67 million and just $9 million with the North, the government said.

The North Korea Foreign Minister arrived in Cuba on Monday and is expected to meet Cuban President Raul Castro.

The ministers particularly stressed on their concerns of an increased United States military activity and presence near the Korean peninsula. The late Kang Sok Ju, then-member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), met the Cuban foreign minister in June during his visit to Cuba. He also continues to exchange belligerent rhetoric with N. Korean leader Kim Jung-un.

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Cuba has enjoyed diplomatic relations with North Korea since August 1960, after the country's renowned revolutionary leader Fidel Castro established a communist state on the Caribbean island, which lies roughly 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

While political allies for decades, trade between Cuba and North Korea is minimal.

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Korea unite in rejecting 'unilateral & arbitrary' U.S. pressure