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IPhone X's Face ID fooled effortlessly by a 10 year old

15 November 2017

One family in Staten Island, New York, is guessing that familial resemblance is letting a 10-year-old boy unlock his mother's iPhone X using Face ID.

This is what a new video shows that features Sana Sherwani and her kid Ammar Malik.

According to Macrumors, the younger Malik was consistently able to unlock his mother's iPhone X without any failure.

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Face ID might be the Apple iPhone X's new secure facial recognition feature, replacing the Touch ID, but it doesn't look like the risk has paid off. The 41-second-long video shows that the kid was easily able to unlock the iPhone X of Sherwani - there is some visible family resemblance, but some rather distinct facial features as well. However, Malik claims this wasn't the case with his wife and son, and no-one entered the passcode after Face ID rejected a scan, Wired reports. He had been forbidden to take in hand the smartphone's parents, but he could not resist the temptation and after a few minutes walked the Face ID feature that undertakes the identification of the owner of the gadget in the face. However, she made a decision to further test things by registering all over again under indoor night-time lighting, similar to the first time.

In another case, she reregistered a third time in dimmer lighting to replicate her initial registration, and then, her son was able to unlock the phone again. Unlike Touch ID where you can register multiple fingerprints, Face ID is only programmable with one face per device.

And People has been testing it out the Face ID, if they will be able to crack it down using a different face. Lets take a Look at the Mask!

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Although family members can be an exception in case of protecting the iPhone X using Face ID, a group of Vietnamese researchers recently claimed that they had fooled the same authentication system using a composite 3D-printed mask. To produce a model of the face, 3D printing was employed while other parts of the face such as eyes were 2D images.

Meanwhile, when the executive Phil Schiller was introducing the iPhone X, he publicly said Apple's engineers had worked with professional mask makers and makeup artists in Hollywood to protect against attempts to beat Face ID.

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IPhone X's Face ID fooled effortlessly by a 10 year old