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Protest Interrupts Ivanka Trump Tax Discussion In New Jersey

14 November 2017

Finally, Gov. Chris Christie proudly introduced the star attraction, White House Adviser Ivanka Trump, accompanied by Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin.

The event lasted roughly a half-hour, with members of the invitation-only audience allowed to submit questions in advance.

"Representative, I have a question", the woman called out as Trump expressed her gratitude for MacArthur's hospitality. She criticized the tax plan afterward.

"Everyone needs to be heard from, and this tax bill is not going to help the middle class", Barnegat resident Marianne Clemente said. Trump has been promoting the plan at appearances throughout the country.

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The average residential property-tax bill in New Jersey has increased 32% during the past decade, reaching $8,200 in 2016, according to state records. Republicans are calling for cutting corporate rates and reducing the number of brackets on income tax from seven to four.

Both the House and Senate versions of the legislation would eliminate deductions for state and local income taxes and sales taxes paid. "That's absurd. That really is absurd, and that doesn't benefit the ordinary Americans".

The Senate bill would eliminate a taxpayer's ability to deduct state income taxes and local property taxes.

During the event, Trump said Republican tax overhaul plans and deregulation would likely spur economic growth of up to 5 percent. "Let's hope they do the right thing, that's all I can say", said Jean Hopkins from Berkeley. "That' not what I was after today".

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Mr. Mnuchin and Ms. Trump discussed the tax plans in front of a largely friendly crowd of more than 100 in Berkeley Township, a shorefront community in Ocean Countythat was battered by superstorm Sandy.

"We're moving in the right direction", she said.

Mr. Mnuchin, a former resident of California and NY who said his first job was at his grandfather's glass bottle manufacturing factory in New Jersey, said he understands the plight of residents in highly taxed states. He takes over from Christie on January 16.

Murphy has promised to oppose Trump in New Jersey, particularly on immigration and health care.

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Protest Interrupts Ivanka Trump Tax Discussion In New Jersey