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More and more stores are staying closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

14 November 2017

Argos's eagerly anticipated Black Friday bonanza will kick-off tomorrow - Wednesday 15 November - and run for 14 consecutive days through to Cyber Monday.

"I'm expecting 70 to 80 stores to close on Thanksgiving, with key stores this year to include Home Depot, Nordstrom, Staples, Sam's Club, Costco and (likely) Lowe's".

Target isn't the only retailer leaking its Black Friday deals and hours.

The story is similar at other retailers.

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And yes, opening on Thanksgiving has become more popular with large retailers, though some have changed course. If you don't secure a spot at the front of the line or log online the moment a sale starts, you could miss your shot at these big deals.

Indeed, when he first began the website about 12 years ago, he was more likely to get a cease-and-desist order from a retailer than any appreciation for putting their ads online.

Some of us wait all year for the Black Friday shopping season, our heads filled with the promise of scoring the best price of the year on a new TV, tablet, printer, or high-tech gadget.

Young people have been particularly appreciative of Cyber Monday, during which many online retailers offer discounts on everything one could possibly need. A simple Google search for "best Black Friday deals" provides plenty of great information from sources that know what they're talking about.

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And while the number of stores closing or reducing their holiday hours may be increasing, so too does the availability of exclusives and doorbusters offered online. "And sites such as have a host of savvy users that post up-to-the-minute details on whether or not high-demand items are still available and how to get them". This means many people have to spend their nights camping out on sidewalks to get to the good deals and many employees must spend their holiday night prepping for the influx of consumers. According to Fortune, more $3.45 billion in online transactions were made during last year's Cyber Monday through sales on e-commerce giants like Amazon.

As for the deals themselves, a little research can go a long way.

Jon Vincent, founder of the website "Early Black Friday, " has seen much of the transformation first-hand.

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More and more stores are staying closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday