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Iraqi Kurds seek talks after federal court bars secession

14 November 2017

It also banned direct flights to Kurdistan and demanded control over border crossings. But our patience will run out.

The independence vote defied the central government in Baghdad - which had ruled the ballot illegal - as well as neighboring Turkey and Iran which have their own Kurdish minorities.

Iraq's central bank has eased restrictions on private banks in its Kurdistan region, telling them they could keep branches there open just a week after ordering them closed, central bank sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

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Following the Kurdistan Region's independence referendum, the Iraqi parliament and government imposed certain sanctions on the Region in an attempt to force the officials to cancel the referendum results.

In the wake of the vote, Iraqi federal forces seized the northern city of Kirkuk and other disputed areas from the Kurds.

Kurdish authorities said on Tuesday they respect the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court's recent interpretation of Article 1 of the constitution regarding secession in Iraq, signaling a new phase in efforts to restart stalled negotiations over its future.

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"We believe that this decision must become a basis for starting an inclusive national dialogue between (Kurdish authorities in) Erbil and Baghdad to resolve all disputes", the KRG said in a statement, Reuters reported.

The Supreme Court's ruling came after central government requested the highest judicial body to end any "wrong misinterpretation" of the Iraqi constitution and assert the country's unity.

One of the decisions, approved by the Parliament in a session, but boycotted by Kurdish MPs, on September 27, was mandating the government to summon the ambassadors and representatives of countries having offices in the Kurdistan Region to either close their offices or move them to outside the Region's governorates.

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Iraqi Kurds seek talks after federal court bars secession