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GameStop halts its unlimited used game rental program

14 November 2017

A couple of weeks ago, game retailer GameStop soft-launched its new subscription-based game lending program, PowerPass.

But according to a report from Kotaku, just days before the service's full launch on November 19th, GameStop has chose to "temporarily pause" the roll out of the new service. GameStop is offering a full refund and letting players pick out one pre-owned game for free, which sounds like a pretty solid way to apologize. The retail chain told employees yesterday to pull down all signage involving the program and store it in their backrooms, according to two GameStop staff. At $60 for six months, it seems nearly like a steal considering that you get to keep a game to add to your collection. For $60 (which covered six months of the service), players could check out pre-owned GameStop games indefinitely.

GameStop's entrance into the game-rental market comes amid the company's continued financial difficulties.

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That means any in-store advertisements for PowerPass have been removed and put in storage until further notice.

Update: Asked for comment, GameStop replied to Polygon with this statement.

Keep an eye out as GameStop provides more information about PowerPass, and possible changes to the program.

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Assuming PowerPass is relaunched in a functional manner sometime in 2018, this is still not the outcome GameStop wanted right now.

GameSpot did do a soft launch of its PowerPass service.

A fully functioning and consumer-friendly PowerPass program might give customers a reason to choose GameStop over their respective gaming platform's online marketplace, but for now, it seems the physical video game library dream will have to wait.

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GameStop halts its unlimited used game rental program