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Cut-off date set to spend old £10 notes

14 November 2017

The old paper £10 note featuring Charles Darwin will expire shortly before midnight on March 1, 2018, the Bank of England has announced.

They are already being phased out due to the introduction of the new polymer notes, which feature 19th century author Jane Austen, in September.

The Bank of England has highlighted that it will continue to exchange them after the cut-off date.

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The Bank of England said polymer, which the £5 note introduced in 2016 featuring Winston Churchill is made from, is more durable and cleaner than paper notes.

However, the new notes have drawn criticism from vegans and religious groups across England and Wales for containing traces of tallow, an animal by-product of beef or mutton fat. Changing production would also involve considerable extra costs to taxpayers.

Around 55% of the £10 notes now in circulation are the new version, while the remaining 359 million are made of paper.

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In Scotland, polymer notes have been in circulation since 2015, while the first plastic notes were issued in Northern Ireland in 1999.

The end of the old paper tenner follows the official withdrawal last month of the old round £1 coin, which has now been wholly replaced by the new 12-sided version.

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Cut-off date set to spend old £10 notes