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Apple approves iPhone X 'Notch Remover' app

14 November 2017

Those who forked out big dollars and were hoping for a perfectly rectangular display made it no secret they were frustrated by the "ugly" black bar at the top of the phone, which houses all the technology behind the advanced front-screen camera and facial recognition ID. Over the weekend, developer Axiem Systems released an app on the App Store called Notch Remover.

Apple has approved an app to remove the "notch" for iPhone X users.

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Still, if you hate the notch that much, it's not a bad idea to spend $0.99 on an app to try and mask it. Now, it doesn't actually remove the notch or the functionality of it, but it hides it under a black bar that you save as wallpapers. Notcho is free to download, but all of the wallpapers you use with have a "Notcho" watermark on them unless you pay $1.99 to have it removed via in-app purchase.

With the modified wallpapers, the "ears" atop the display will fade away and your display will look normal again. Best yet, it has gained approval from Apple which is a bit surprising given the language Cupertino uses in its developer guidelines.

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"The iPhone X has a 5.8" display that stretches from edge to edge. After making all these changes, your iPhone X ends up with something like an old school monobrow status bar, replacing the two brows now appearing at the top of the home and lock screens on the iPhone X. What makes it even better is the fact that you don't need o jailbreak your phone in order to make these changes to the display.

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Apple approves iPhone X 'Notch Remover' app