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Detroit Cops Fight Each Other over Drug Bust Gone Wrong

13 November 2017

When a special ops team with the 12th Precinct showed up to raid a home on Andover, a brawl erupted. They ordered the other cops to the ground, at which point the two officers from the 12th Precinct must have realized they had mistaken colleagues for criminals and that their colleagues had made the same mistake.

The Detroit Police Department was established in 1865.

Officers from the 11th Precinct went inside, but before the house could be secured, the crew from the 12th Precinct burst into the house and there was an altercation.

"There was an incident between two different groups of officers from two different precincts", Officer Jennifer Moreno said.

Detroit police officers performing an undercover operation in an east side neighborhood got into a huge fight - with each other.

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"I am thankful no one was more seriously injured", Craig said.

The fight was caught on bodycam video, which is being used in the investigation WXYZ reports that almost two dozen officers were involved in the incident and they are all being investigated.

But he says often times, when officers are approaching a location, a suspect will call out "police" to alert people inside that police are approaching so they can dispose of evidence.

Guns were drawn, the chief said, and punches were thrown between at least two officers. Raids usually involve officers wearing full tactical gear with assault rifles.

When someone approaches trying to buy drugs, the officers make an arrest and seize the person's vehicle.

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The fight was recorded on one officer's body camera, and the department's internal affairs division is investigating the incident.

Now each individual officer is under investigation as the department tries to figure out just what went wrong.

Senior officers have now opened an investigation into the incident which is alleged to have happened on Thursday last week on the city's troubled east side.

Craig said there was a lack of communication.

The resident also told the network that there is "definitely" a drug problem in the area "but I don't think anyone can stop it".

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Detroit Cops Fight Each Other over Drug Bust Gone Wrong