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Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo is the Baby NSX We Can't Have

11 November 2017

Called the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo, the concept matches what we'd heard about the rumored baby NSX nearly exactly. Until then, you can only experience the vehicle in Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation 4.

Honda clearly put a lot of work into the design of this virtual auto, so here's hoping with enough prodding from fans, media, and potential customers it will put the Sports Vision Gran Turismo-or something like it-into production.

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The prospect of designing a vehicle for the famous racing simulator was one Honda welcomed according to Tsuyoshi Matsuhashi, chief officer of design management, saying "this is a project for Honda".

The design was the result of a worldwide competition among Honda designers, with the team in Los Angeles winning the contest. "Three main concept words we used to develop this vehicle were futuristic, lightweight and exotic".

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Honda has had plans for a 'baby NSX' in the pipeline for a couple of years to replace the S2000 sports vehicle of the early part of the new millennium. The virtual modeling and hardware was developed in Japan before the whole package came together over at Polyphony's studios. These were subjected to extensive wind tunnel testing that would transfer into the game to deliver true and accurate driving dynamics. The top speed will have to be discovered by GT Sport customers when the next patch update is released to accommodate the Honda Sports Vision GT into the PlayStation 4 game.

Extravagant use of carbonfibre in the construction would keep the kerb weight down to 899kg.

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The concept vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that revs up to 7,500 RPM and makes 404 horsepower via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. They could've made it cube-shaped and told the Gran Turismo developers it does a million miles an hour, but they didn't, such is the incredible attention to detail that's gone into this auto that isn't a vehicle.

Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo is the Baby NSX We Can't Have