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Intel and AMD are forming an unholy laptop chip alliance

06 November 2017

The Intel-AMD partnership comes after years of Intel PC chip dominance that has recently begun to erode due to AMD advances. The good news is, consumers should benefit.

AMD's VP and GM of RTG, Scott Herkelman, added a statement of his own: "Our collaboration with Intel expands the installed base for AMD Radeon GPUs and brings to market a differentiated solution for high-performance graphics".

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Although details are extremely scarce at this stage, Intel says the combined chips can deliver "incredible performance and graphics for enthusiasts" in a form factor that can power thin-and-light gaming PCs. Nevertheless, Intel did pointed out that the new processor is combination of Intel Core H-series CPU together with a semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU.

AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) today announced that it designed a semi-custom graphics processor unit (GPU) that will be integrated into a new Intel multi-chip processor package.

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Intel says more news about this product and systems based on this SoC will be coming in the first quarter of 2018. Now, we're opening the door for thinner, lighter devices across notebooks, 2 in 1s and mini desktops, while delivering incredible performance and graphics for enthusiasts. Increased thermal dissipation is a key enabler for high-power mobile devices because it allows the device to operate at a higher level of performance for a longer duration. It was always expected that EMIB would have to find its way into the general processor market, as we start to see high-end server offerings approaching 900 mm2 over multiple silicon dies in a single package. The connection consists of a small silicon bridge, or several of them, embedded into the package substrate. These new processors will be part of Intel's 8th Gen Core family, combining the CPU with HBM2 and a Radeon GPU in one package.

The dawn of the chiplet marks a tremendous shift in the semiconductor industry.

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This team-up may seem like kind of a no-brainer, but AMD and Intel actually haven't collaborated since the 80s, according to analyst Patrick Moorhead speaking to the Wall Street Journal. DARPA initially brought the chiplet revolution to the forefront with its CHIPS (Common Heterogeneous Integration and Intellectual Property (IP) Reuse Strategies) initiative, which aims to circumvent the limitations of the waning Moore's Law.

Intel and AMD are forming an unholy laptop chip alliance