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Ubisoft Unveil For Honor Season Four, Order & Havoc

03 November 2017

For Honor is getting a free weekend across all platforms, starting at 12:00 a.m. PT November 9 (that's next Thursday), and running until the same time November 13.

Ubisoft is doubling down on "For Honor" with a fourth season planned to kick off in just over a week, and a free weekend coming next week.

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Then, for players who come away enamoured with the game, there will be an option to buy it digitally at a reduced rate.

During your free trial, if you happen to enjoy the game, you will be able to purchase it with 60% discount and your progress during the trail will be carried over to the game. Dubbed "Order & Havoc", the new season will go live on November 14th, adding two playable heroes alongside new maps and a variety of gameplay tweaks. Additionally, the season will introduce two new maps; "Market Town" and "The Gauntlet", and two new heroes; Aramusha (a samurai hybrid warrior), and Shaman (a viking assassin).

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Both heroes are free for Season Pass holders and will unlock on November 14.

The new game mode is Tribute, an objective-based 4v4 map where players need to work together to gain control of "offerings" placed around the map. "Upon the presentation of an Offering, each Shrine grants the entire team a unique buff, forcing players to make strategic choices on where to place their Offerings". In addition to this new mode, For Honor competitive play will continue to expand with the introduction of Ranked Dominion mode later on within the season, allowing players to team up with friends and compete online for glory and in-game rewards.

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