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'Super Mario Run' Hits 200M Downloads, But Nintendo Unhappy With Profit

31 October 2017

It's the sort of thing that speedrunners live for and can lead to shortcuts through the levels, but players are discovering that Nintendo knew about many of these areas and placed piles of coins in many of them as a reward for your creativity.

Super Mario Run has now passed 200 million downloads worldwide, up from 150 million. We will endeavor to further increase the number of consumers who want to purchase Super Mario Odyssey, and eventually we would like the game to be seen as an evergreen title that has longevity in the market beyond this holiday season. They intend to use this knowledge in future projects.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp seems to be off to a strong start in Australia, too, and that's an IP with undoubted potential for success on Mobile ahead of its late November global release.

Additionally, Nintendo stated that out of the 20 million downloads, only about 10% of it was from their home country Japan. Our aim is for this application to be the definitive Mario application for smart devices. This newest title in the Super Mario series received many awards this year at the largest game shows in Western markets, such as E3 and Gamescom, and consumers had high expectations leading to its release. We also ran campaigns to foster more interest, including a special price offer for a limited period, to commemorate the release of the new version.

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Mario is back in the long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey, travelling across the world on the Odyssey (a ship shaped like his trademark hat), trying to save Princess Peach from marrying Bowser.

Super Mario Run is available on iOS and Android phones.

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'Super Mario Run' Hits 200M Downloads, But Nintendo Unhappy With Profit