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Eve Online dev CCP ditches virtual reality development

31 October 2017

EVE Online developer CCP has announced that it plans to end its VR development efforts and close two of its development studios in the process according to the Iceland Monitor.

CCP shuttered its North American studio, which created the VR sports game Sparc.

The restructure will affect approximately a hundred employees, of which 30 are stationed in Reykjavík. Severance packages and job placement assistance is being provided to those affected.

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CCP Games was founded in 1997.

While we were all watching new trailers at the Paris Games Show, CCP Games was preparing to do some restructuring of their company. CCP was one of the first companies to embrace VR, and it launched the space-sim shooter Eve: Valkyrie alongside Oculus's Rift headset in 2016. "We have faith in [VR] in the long run. Virtual reality will eventually change the world". "With regards to EVE, it's kind of bittersweet that this puts us in a more solid position going forward, as a lot more focus is back on EVE Online, its services and all the technology and support around it", he wrote.

The move is not a good sign for the current state of virtual reality.

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Despite the changes, CCP maintained that two in-progress Eve-related projects will proceed as planned. In early October, CCP confirmed continued development of its PC FPS game, Project Nova and announced a new mobile game, Project Aurora, both set in the EVE Universe. "We will continue to support our VR games but will not be making material VR investments until we see market conditions that justify further investments beyond what we have already made".

These changes in strategy come with some tough decisions relating to our overall structure as a company. Some of the 100 laid off employees will be offered relocations to the London offices, CCP said in a statement emailed to Engadget.

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Eve Online dev CCP ditches virtual reality development