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Hartlepool supersonic auto pilot says he 'can't wait to go faster'

27 October 2017

He made two runs to test the Rolls-Royce jet engine and the car's control, suspension and braking systems.

"The performance, the handling, the stability of it - I can't fault the vehicle at all, it just worked brilliantly".

Bloodhound SSC was driven by ex-RAF fighter pilot Andy Green along the runway at Cornwall Airport Newquay yesterday.

Bloodhound SSC has been built over nine years by a team of Bristol-based engineers from aeronautical and automotive backgrounds.

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Green already holds the record and is the first person to break the sound barrier on land - travelling at 763mph in 1997 in the Thrust SSC.

Bloodhound SSC is created to reach 1,000mph in a bid to set a record that can not be beaten by existing technology.

Many of those who set that record are back to break it, including Wing Commander Andy Green who drove Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car) in the Nevada desert, making history as the first person to breach the sound barrier at 763.035 miles per hour.

For Bloodhound to achieve its ultimate goal, marketing director Ewen Honeyman - a man with vast marketing experience including a stint in Formula 1 - told Autocar that around £30 million of additional funding would be needed, which is roughly equal to the spend total so far. "I can not think of a better way to do it than that run".

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"The vehicle and the team are ready to go much, much faster and start chasing supersonic world land speed records", said Andy Green, a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force and the car's driver.

The runway trials came at the end of a month of testing at Newquay airport where the team has been checking the integration of the EJ200 jet engine as well as the car's other functions.

Now that the tests on Newquay's 1.7-mile runway have been completed, the Bloodhound team plans to ship the vehicle to a specially prepared track for the first of two high-speed campaigns in 2018. "It's like a greyhound, not a bloodhound!"

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Hartlepool supersonic auto pilot says he 'can't wait to go faster'