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The New Mutants assemble in tense first teaser

13 October 2017

While it's easy to get all caught up in Disney/Marvel's upcoming releases, let's remember that 20th Century Fox's Marvel movies are on the way, too.

Director Josh Boone announced on Instagram that the first teaser trailer for New Mutants will drop at 12:01AM PST on October 13. The studio initially kicked off their mutant superhero franchise with Bryan Singer's X-Men in 2000, which was followed by two more films in the original trilogy before X-Men: First Class rebooted the franchise and X-Men: Days of Future Past rewrote the timeline.

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Although Logan was the only X-Men movie to debut in 2017, Fox has a number of films slated for 2018, including New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix - plus, it was recently announced Gambit will release in early 2019.

Alice Braga plays the doctor and the film was directed by The Fault in Our Stars' Josh Boone. The director made the announcement on Instagram and his caption promises that we're in for something very different from what the X-Men movies usually provide us with.

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The first New Mutants trailer is everything fans could have hoped for, promising a whole world of terror as the Demon Bear's wrath is unleashed. And like in many horror movies, they're simply trying to survive in a place that they flat out compare to a haunted house.

The New Mutants is expected to draw inspiration from "The Demon Bear Saga", the influential 1984 Marvel Comics storyline by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz in which the teenage students of Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters are isolated by a freak snowstorm, forcing them to overcome their differences to save themselves and their teammate Danielle Moonstar from a demonic bear that killed her parents.

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Of course, fans know several heroes who will appear in New Mutants.

The New Mutants assemble in tense first teaser