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'Settlers of Catan' Movie Adaptation in Development

13 October 2017

Blaise Hemingway (the forthcoming "Playmobil") is set to write the script. Sony is reportedly hoping to make a franchise out of "Catan".

The Settlers of Catan is only the latest in board game-to movie adaptations.

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Sony Pictures is now attempting to adapt the 1995 board game The Settlers Of Catan into a feature film. Jonathan Eirich and Dan Lin are also a members of the producing team. With movies based on all kinds of toys and the like - such as The LEGO Movie and The Emoji Movie - studios are looking to license films based on popular pieces of pop culture and Settlers of Catan is an unsurprising candidate. Designed by Klaus Teuber and first sold in 1995, The Settlers Of Catan, as Wikipedia succinctly puts it, sees "players in the game represent settlers establishing colonies".

We're excited to be working with Sony to bring the iconic world of Catan to life. "As huge fans of the game, we're struck by the endless possibilities of stories that it could inspire". It was released 22 years ago but remains one of the most popular and successful board games. While not as universal as other, less good board games (Monopoly stinks, y'all), a lot of people all over the world are familiar with this game.

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In the original game (as well as the various spinoffs), players take on the role of settlers who must build settlements, cities and roads on "the ever-changing fictional island of Catan amid scarce resources", with the goal of becoming the dominant community by achieving 10 victory points.

Through its original release in 1995, "Settlers of Catan" gained honors from the Germany critics and was named as the "Most Prestigious Game of the Year" award victor. Hundreds of games were introduced every year worldwide from the different designers.

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'Settlers of Catan' Movie Adaptation in Development