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Main » Delhi youth nabbed after scamming Amazon 166 times for Rs52 lakh

Delhi youth nabbed after scamming Amazon 166 times for Rs52 lakh

12 October 2017

Sensing that his plan could be executing easily, Chopra then began ordering expensive mobile phones from the online portal - placing orders from handsets manufactured by companies like Apple, Samsung and OnePlus - and then cooking up some excuse to demand a refund. Jain provided him with more than 150 pre-activated sim cards. In shocking revelation about their trick, the police officer said that the accused had used 141 numbers and 48 different customer accounts and a refund in full was sought against all orders.

Last year, the Hyderabad police had arrested two persons who would tactfully open the seal of the packet while the delivery associate was waiting for payment at their doorsteps, replace the item with sand and reject the item to online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. When Amazon realised it was being deceived, it approached Delhi Police.

The bluffmasters came under police net after one Syed Ishaq, 36, filed a complaint on behalf of Amazon Seller Services Private Limited.

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Shivam Chopra brought 166 cell phones online from Amazon at different places in Delhi and later the boy claimed that the box he received did not have the mobile phone instead the boxes were empty and by using this technique Shivam got refunds in lakhs.

All the orders were purchased through gift cards and after receiving the product, the accused used to cancel the orders claiming that he had had received empty boxes to claim refunds.

Amazon's return policy didn't check the authenticity of the claim (which is a huge error), and used to simply refund the whole amount as a gift voucher to Shivam.

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The accused used to place multiple orders from different customer accounts using different phone numbers and for all these orders, they would give false addresses in the same locality where he actually resided. When delivery boys failed to locate him, he guided them to some nearby location to take delivery. He would then call him to any other place in the locality and take the delivery, the police said.

Shivam would get refund and sale mobile phones either on OLX or Gaffar Market in New Delhi.

Following an inquiry into the matter, the police registered a case in August.

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Delhi youth nabbed after scamming Amazon 166 times for Rs52 lakh