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Apple Rumoured to be Developing Foldable OLED iPhone with LG

12 October 2017

Meanwhile, LG has been working hard to catch up to Samsung in OLED panel manufacturing, and Apple is said to have increased its partnership with LG Display, which has been supplying LCDs to the iPhone maker for years.

Further, LG Innotek reportedly created a team to develop a rigid flexible printed circuit board for the foldable iPhone.

Samsung, however, has an edge over Apple in terms of foldable smartphones. These included a tablet that folded into a smartphone and a clamshell-like handset.

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The Bell cited people familiar with the developments and explained that production on the panels could begin in 2020. Apple's iPhone X is believed to feature displays exclusively from Samsung, as rival OLED panels from the likes of LG weren't up to snuff.

LG has recently started its first OLED production for phones at its E5 plant in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province.

The report goes on stating that the production of the foldable OLED panel will start in early 2019 so that the foldable iPhone might be launched in 2020.

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If this year's bezel-less iPhone X didn't impress you, Apple has something else up its sleeve to dazzle you in the future.

It could also be because Apple is cautious about what they share with Samsung, according to Korean news site The Investor. The factory will help LG miniaturize the bendable screen technology it has developed for televisions and digital billboards in recent years.

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Samsung has been dabbling in foldable displays for years, and it'll be exciting to finally see the culmination of those experiments. Will we actually see a folding smartphone from Apple next year? The same can be said for Samsung's own foldable phone as well.

Apple Rumoured to be Developing Foldable OLED iPhone with LG