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Amazon Now Letting Teens Use Their Own Accounts With Parental Consent

12 October 2017

With the new US-only feature, which is targeted for kids ages 13 to 17, a parent can add up to four teens to their Amazon Household account for free and set a payment method that a teen can't see, as well as shipping addresses. Teens can also be assigned pre-set spending limits per order as an alternative to having orders reviewed. "Amazon is offering a great solution for teens to shop with their own login", said FOSI Founder and CEO Stephen Balkam.

Setting up a teen account on Amazon requires input from the parent.

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Amazon has announced a new service that will open up its gargantuan ecommerce platform to millions more teenagers. To get started, parents can visit amazon.com/forteens or sign up via a text or email invitation from their teens.

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) today unveiled a new way for teens to shop for the items they want all by themselves - with parents' approval, of course. Teens will now be able to buy things using those accounts in the Amazon app. In this case, the parent will receive a notification with an itemized list of the order, and the option remains to cancel it or initiate a refund if it is too late to cancel. Amazon also just launched a new $5.49 monthly payment option called Amazon Prime Student that lets college students join Prime on a budget.

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Their credit card information will be hidden on the teen accounts, as will their purchase and browsing histories.

That means Amazon would then be tapping into the pocket money teens may have on hand from their part-time jobs, babysitting money, allowances and the like.

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Opportunities existing in e-commerce have obviously made it hard for traditional retailers to attract teen shoppers, who tend to have indecisive tastes and are notoriously unpredictable. Now Amazon is giving that first solo-buying experience a digital makeover.