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Amazon Alexa devices can finally tell voices apart

11 October 2017

Starting today, the company will finally start rolling out customized voice detection.

To set it up, you'll need to navigate to the "Your Voice" section of the Alexa app's settings, then follow Amazon's instructions (you can also find an instructional video here). First you'll need to set up an Alexa voice profile, which involves training through the Alexa app.

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Everyone in the home using Alexa should do the same thing, teaching the assistant who to expect to hear from. With voice recognition, however, that code can be bypassed, with Alexa only placing the order if she recognizes the person making it. Back in April, Google Home gained the ability to recognize individual voices, which allows the device to personalize its response for everyone in your house or apartment.

Recently, Amazon's Echo Show smart speaker (the company's first Echo with a screen) had its built-in YouTube app removed by Google. Now, six months later, Alexa evens the score.

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At launch, the feature is compatible with Flash Briefings, shopping, Amazon Music's family plan and Alexa to Alexa calling, adding the name of the specific user to incoming calls. If my roommate asks, she'll play different songs that are better-suited to his tastes. Users can already keep their kids from going on voice-activated shopping sprees by locking all purchases unless you give a code number. You'll be asked to choose an Alexa-powered device to train with, and then once you've read out ten sample phrases the profile is complete.

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Amazon Alexa devices can finally tell voices apart