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FEMA Deletes Information About Lack of Water and Electricity in Puerto Rico

07 October 2017

Trump's approval rating has not been hurt by his much-criticized response to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Trump's response to the situation in Puerto Rico-which has seen more than 90 percent of people left without power and running water, as well as widespread food shortages-has prompted criticism, particularly after he entered into a Twitter spat with the governor of San Juan.

Many communities in the U.S. Caribbean territory are still waiting for power and clean water, and there is concern about other people reaching a breaking point. In an interview with MSNBC, she also said chatting with White House staff and informing them of what's happening on the island proved useful.

During the meeting, Trump said Hurricane Maria had thrown the federal budget "out of whack, ' and made light of the number of casualties, comparing it to the more deadly 'real catastrophe" Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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Cruz joined other officials at an air base for a briefing with the Trump on Tuesday, shaking the president's hand.

The government of Puerto Rico is counting at least two suicides in its official tally of deaths blamed on Hurricane Maria. "And it's a shame, because Puerto Rico is a very attractive island". After surveying the island's extensive damage, he claimed Puerto Rico "owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street".

The aftermath of Hurricane Maria left half of the 3.4 million US citizens in Puerto Rico without clean drinking water and only five percent of the population with electricity.

Last week (Sept. 29), San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz pleaded with the Trump administration and USA government to lend more aid. "We did not like how things turned out", our source said.

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The comments came as Trump visited the island in his fourth hurricane-related trip in the course of just over a month. "We've saved a lot of lives". Adding, "He minimized our suffering here by saying Katrina was a "real" disaster, sort of implying that this was not a real disaster because not many people have died here".

Wanting your legal rights as citizens in the form of federal government aid in a natural disaster isn't wanting "everything done for you".

Trump, in turn appreciated his administration's response and called out Cruz for what he called "poor leadership".

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FEMA Deletes Information About Lack of Water and Electricity in Puerto Rico