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TRACK: Ron Jeremy Says Ric Flair's "10000 Women" Claim Is Bogus

29 September 2017

The documentary has yet to air, but Naitch still feels bad about what he said, not because it isn't true, but because he's anxious what his grandkids will think when they realize that not all of those 10,000 women are their grandma.

The 68-year-old, who is fighting for his life after years of alcohol abuse, says he cringes to think that his grandchildren will know that he slept with roughly 10,000 women over the years - an admission he initially made to ESPN's 30 for 30 in a special to air in November. I didn't know how to comprehend that. "I think it's impossible".

"I would love Paul (Heyman) to manage me".

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The past month has been among the most challenging times in Charlotte's life. Given only a 20 percent chance to live, Ric Flair had portions of his bowel removed and had a pacemaker inserted.

While Flair's sexual escapades are well documented, he's not the first sports star that's claimed to have bedded thousands of women.

The Tennessee native has been married and divorced four times. When I won the Divas title from Nikki, I felt like I wasn't ready.

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"It's very hard to get numbers like that", Jeremy says. I need him around, his fiancé needs him, his other two kids - my sister Megan and my brother David - we all need him.

"I was bling before bling was bling", says the wrestler widely known as "Nature Boy", while flashing his two gold rings, a Rolex watch and gold necklaces around his neck. I wanted to be the new woman's champ - that is all I was thinking.

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TRACK: Ron Jeremy Says Ric Flair's