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Skyrim Special Edition gets hardcore survival mode

28 September 2017

However, unlike Fallout 4's implementation, Skyrim Special Edition's Survival Mode will need to be purchased via Bethesda's Creation Club system when it launches. Anyone downloading the mode in its first week can keep it and play it for free.

In any case, Bethesda did not say how much the new Survival Mode will cost in the Creation Club.

"Get Credits to be used in Creation Club-a collection of all-new game content for Skyrim Special Edition", so reads the Steam page's blurb.

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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will receive the update in October.

Found initially due to a SteamDB link, and ultimately uncovered by Youtuber TheEpicNate315 who mimicked the store page URL of Fallout 4's Creation Club and spotted the link wasn't set to private, we can now see the store page for Skyrim Special Edition's Creator Club.

Survival mode is now in beta via Steam, and will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early next month.

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Launching next week (although now in beta on PC), "Survival Mode" will add a bunch of parameters to the main game such as hunger, fatigue and temperature meters as well as disabling automatic health regeneration and fast traveling.

Furthermore, Skyrim Special Edition's Survival Mode disables both fast travel and automatic health regeneration, reduces characters' carrying capacity, and it also forces players to sleep in a bed if they want to level up.

Your carry weight has been significantly reduced.

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Survival mode has implications for vampirism and lycanthropy, if either are your jam in Skyrim. There are more details in the blog post from Bethesda.

Skyrim Special Edition gets hardcore survival mode