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Google Takes On Amazon Echo With 'Stereo Sound' Google Home

28 September 2017

Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home arrived with audio capabilities that underwhelmed compared to comparatively-priced, dedicated wireless speakers.

Google is expected to announce some new devices next week on october 4, including a smaller Google Home Mini. No exact specifications were given for the Google Home Max, but it will have a set of stereo speakers, which likely means that it will have a singular unit with a couple of mid-range drivers and possibly a single tweeter.

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While we're sure that Google was at one stage working on such a device there's no guarantee it will be announced next week or ever.

Unfortunately, there's no word on the design or features we can expect on the new "Max" speaker.

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Would you want a more premium, and more expensive, Google Home? The original Google Home launched earlier this year with a $130 price tag.

Sources agree that the device will come with stereo speakers that will be able to deliver advanced sound quality, as well as a premium design - although no specific details were offered further. Now that Apple HomePod is also going to penetrate the market in December, it is only legit for Google to enhance Home's hardware to make it rival the HomePod.

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It's still not clear how much the Google Home Max will cost compared to the $129 Google Home, Amazon's $99 Echo, or Apple's $349 HomePod.

Google Takes On Amazon Echo With 'Stereo Sound' Google Home