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Russia Warns It Will Target US-Backed Fighters in Syria If Provoked

24 September 2017

He added that fighters also captured the nearby al-Izba gas field.

Ahmed Abu Khawla told Reuters on Saturday that the Conoco gas field was the first of its kind taken by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) - an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias backed by the U.S. - since it began an offensive earlier this month to capture the eastern province.

Moscow also claimed that the SDF had diverted from the battle to take the northern city Raqqa to the province of Deir al-Zor, around 100 miles to the east, where Russian special forces are helping the Syrian army push out Isis militants.

Russian Federation said on Thursday it had warned the United States it would target areas in Syria where US special forces and USA -backed militia were operating if its own forces came under fire from them, something it said had already happened twice.

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Dillon warned that the meeting did not suggest that the cooperating with either the Russians or the Syrian regime and that the meeting focused on the prevention of "accidental targeting or other possible frictions".

Russia's Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that the waters of Euphrates rose as soon as the Syrian army began crossing the river.

Moscow has warned Washington that it would target US-backed militias in Syria if Russian troops again came under fire, as the United States disclosed an unusual face-to-face meeting between American and Russian generals meant to avoid such clashes.

Syrian army units restored control over Mzin al-Baqar, al-Mushirfa al-Shamalia, Rasm al-Tawil, Joret al-Nazal and Mesaied to the east of Jub al-Jarah in the eastern countryside of Homs, killing a number of terrorists.

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Syrian troops also crossed to the eastern side of the river on Monday where the SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias fighting with the US -led coalition, has been advancing.

"According to our information, USA intelligence services initiated the offensive to halt the successful advance of government troops to the east of Deir al-Zor", said Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoi.

Days before that, the Syrian army had broken through Islamic State lines and reached an enclave held by the government in Deir al-Zor.

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Russia Warns It Will Target US-Backed Fighters in Syria If Provoked